Prevail Max – An exciting new product from Valentus.

Prevail Max is a nutritional breakthrough that’s designed to help your body take full advantage of the natural nutrients in the food and drink you consume. This is achieved through delivering a rapid increase of internal blood cell pressure which speeds absorption throughout the body and gives you more energy and general focus....all from a few sprays from the handy sized atomiser.


Prevail Max is manufactured in the USA by Valentus, one of the world’s leading producers of weight control, health and wellbeing drinks and can only be purchased via official independent representatives – Orders your today and see how good you can feel!


A nutritional breakthrough that supports you...right down to the last cell!

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How to use Prevail Max and what's in it.

After a weekend of over indulging you don’t exactly feel your best and unhealthy eating habits, fast food, alcohol and caffeine can all take their toll. That’s where Prevail Max can help – think of it as a kind of rescue remedy but not just for after the weekends.

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How does Prevail Max work

Bad diet, alcohol and fatty foods can cause your red blood cells to stick together and stack up...a bit like a traffic jam. This prevents the natural nutrients in the food and drink you consume from being efficiently absorbed meaning your body is missing out. The new technology in Prevail Max is a proprietary blend of nano-sized trolytes which will charge your cells and inflate them meaning they will be better spaced to flow freely through your body.

Once they are more spaced and have regained a healthy shape, your cells are better disposed to absorb nutrients and eliminate toxins at a far greater capacity. Imagine your body is a road network and the cells are vehicles carrying vital cargo around it. Free flowing traffic is far better placed to deliver this cargo to where its best needed...just like the cells in your body!!

Prevail Max is easy to use and tastes great – it even has a cool hint of fresh mint. All it takes is four sprays on the tongue twice daily to see results. So if you want to give your body a nutritional experience at cellular level – order yours today.

About the manufacturer

Prevail Max is a unique nutritional breakthrough product manufactured in the United States by Valentus Inc. It is just one of a portfolio of exciting weight control, health and well being drinks produced by Valentus which are only available from Independent Representatives. Prevail Max cannot be purchased retail in UK but can be ordered direct from Valentus HERE

Valentus is a progressive company built on the principles of providing products that help people aspire to a healthier lifestyle. Founded by Dave Jordan, it has grown to be a leading innovator in its field and the products are gaining a worldwide following of people who have benefited from their properties.

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Prevail Max isn't available for retail in the UK and can only be purchased from the manufacturer via Independent Representatives. To orders your follow these simple steps:

1 – Select the order now button below and you’ll be taken to the Valentus site.
2 – Select order from the top navigation bar
3 – Select the buy as preferred customer option and complete your purchase


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All the information on this website has been written using information taken from the Valentus website. It should be noted that these statements have not been evaluated the US food and drug administration. This Prevail Max is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.
If you have been diagnosed with a health condition by your medical doctor and/or you are currently under a medical doctor’s care and treatment, please consult with them and provide the following information to allow them to better govern your specific condition so that you are able to take full advantage of the many benefits that PrevailMax offers.
PrevailMax™ offers 11 active ingredients in nano (trace) amounts which fall far below the U.S. recommended daily allowance. This is extremely important for your treating physician to be aware of simply because PrevailMax™ is not intended to supplement a particular pre-existing deficiency of any kind. Instead, this unique, one-of-a-kind, patent-pending formula has been activated through its specialized manufacturing process to liberate the proper flow of one’s red blood cells to better transport oxygen, the necessary nutrients and components throughout the body. This formulated process allows the immediate increase in osmotic (water) pressure within the red blood cells to further embody a safe and protective environment therein.
NOTE: There has been NO known side effects observed or reported pertaining to the use of this advanced activated formula.